Mr. Joe Biden,

13 Ağustos 2021

Joe Biden,
      I begin to write believing that you will listen to the voice of your conscience, that you will look at historical events from an objective window, and that you will obey that divine order as your holy book commands you to obey absolutely. (Matthew; Chapters 15-18-20/ Rev, 21;8)
      However, it is known that as a nation, you generally do not obey these divine orders. Keep you from sabotaging world peace, freedoms and economies, GOD and all humanity see that you deliberately use LIE and act contrary to your divine responsibilities while doing these things.
      Starting with your birthday, reminding you of your bittersweet memories, I am writing thinking that perhaps it will open a new window in which you will be able to account for what you have done knowingly or unknowingly in your life… In fact, considering the brain surgery you had in 1988, I believe that this is really necessary.
      With your permission, I would like to call you Amtrak Joe, as do the Americans who love/dislike you.
      Mr, Amtrak Joe;
      After a turbulent period, that is, about a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the declaration of war on Japan; On November 20, 1942, Pennsylvania-Scranton Mary's Hospital is the day and place you were born. You lost your father, Joseph Robinette Biden, who was born in 1915, in 2002, and your mother, Catherina Eugenia F. Biden, who was born in 1917, in 2010. Now you may say what is the point of reminding this information. It has the following meaning; this means that you must have lived 68 years of Mother and 60 years of Father's love in your inner world.
      While praying to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ; “I adore you, the source of all goodness, I love you, and I offer my heart to you, regretting all my sins; accept it, purify it, ignite it with your love; make it patient, clean, and completely in line with your wishes. Protect me when I am in danger and comfort me in my troubles. Health to my body and help in my earthly needs, charity in my actions, provide protection at the hour of my death, enable me to persevere in your love and praise your mercy and glory to eternity. Be by my side always, protect our home and let us always be filled with your love. Bliss, glory, wisdom, gratitude, honor, power are yours through the ages, for with your precious blood you have saved us. Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus, have mercy on us.” Amen, don't you say? What you do, your actions!
      When you were only seven or eight years old, your father's business life broke down, living with your grandmother for a while, your childhood and youth life that started at the age of eleven, first in Claymont and then in Wilmington Delaware… A world in which you drift with your own words.
Didn't you say, "During my teenage years and college, men and women were changing the country: Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and I was swept away by arrogance, conviction, and the real dimension of my unrealistic dreams." But life has really dragged you into unbearable pain...
      First, your marriage to Neilia Hunter, born on July 28, 1942, on August 27, 1966. You are living happily with the birth of Joseph Robinette (February 3, 1969) Robert Hunter (February 4, 1970) and Naomi Christina. Your happiness turns into pain when December 18, 1972 comes. You lose your wife Neilia Hunter Biden and your daughter Naomi Christina as a result of a car accident. Although you continue to rise in your political life, the pain does not leave you. This time, on May 30, 2015, your son Joseph Robinette passes away. Robert Hunter survives as the trust of your first wife.
      You married Jill Track Jacobs (June 3, 1951) on June 17, 1977. Your marriage ceremony is performed by a Catholic priest in the United Nations Chapel. Your daughter, Ashley Blazer Biden, was born on June 8, 1981. In the following years, your daughter, Dr. Marries Howard Kerin. Your children make you grandparents of your grandchildren named Natalie, Hunter, Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy, Beau and NJR. (NJR's court order proves that "by biological and legal paternity" "his mother Lunden Alexis Roberts" is your grandchild.
            Mr, Amtrak Joe;
      I will share the rest of your private life in my next article. If I have been wrong or misinformed so far, please correct me by warning me.
      In your healthy life, I wish your success to be in the right line for both worlds.
Best regards,
Kenan Mutlu Gurses

Kenan Mutlu Gürses

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