08 Kasım 2019

      At the height of your political career, I suggest you look at historical events through an objective window, believing that you will listen to your conscience, thinking that you will be somewhat submissive of humanity and history.


      However, keep from deliberately sabotaging world peace, freedoms and economies, and consciously using THE LIE in realizing them, whether or not you are the religion that you belong to;

      "However, what comes out of the mouth is caused by the heart. That's what pollutes you. Because bad thoughts, murder, adultery, prostitution, theft, perjury and insolvency are always heartfelt. they are the ones who pollute the human being." (Matthew, Bap 15, 18-20), I suggest you remember the warning...


      God and all mankind see that you are acting contrary to your divine responsibilities, just as your holy book commands you to obey absolute... What is your true faith? I'm curious. Or do you have the GREAT DEVIL’S faith!


      Despite h. Res.296' decision, which lacks the basis of the U.S. House of Representatives, I want you to know that prior to 1915; Between 1812 and 1918, 4.5 million (4,500,000) TURKS from the Caucasus and the Balkans were transferred to Anatolia.


      5 million (5,000,000) TURKS died in the same time period. To put it in your name, “GENOCIDE " has been through.


      In particular, in line with the ambitions of your State, the rebellions initiated by the ERMINES, which were used as tongs by your MIENS, with the dream of establishing a state, (1776-1918) as a result of their atrocities to achieve their goals, 3 million (3,000,000) TURKS died from SIX alone, and 3 million (3,000,000) Turks were forced to emigrate from their own land.


      In the light of this information, after all that has happened at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, you will probably take a new decision in the SENATE to write statements that ARE TALKING ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF TURKS TODAY...


      I suggest you check out the HISTORICAL resources below and, if you know (!) your information.


      Is the origin of the ERMINES of Thessaly origin (Phrygian) being identified by Illyrians in Anatolia, the GENOCIDE they experienced at that time, the historian HERODOT? Herodotus supports EUDOKSOS et al. Why don't you want to look at the facts that historians pass on?


      Why don't you examine how the Roman General took Artavazt’ý to Egypt, what POMPEYUS did to the Armenians, and how the Armenians surrendered to the Gallic ruler DEJOTER?


      History of the "HURRY PHASE" about the Armenians, the HITIs, another part of the MITIS period, what information do you have about why Armenians were never mentioned?


      Why don't you question LUKULLOS’ attacks on the Armenians, the destruction of Parthian King ORODES I of Armenia, how ANTONNIS avenged the Armenians, and how he tore apart the statue of ANAHIT?


      To understand the suffering of Armenians, Persian, Macedonian, Selaphaq, Greek, Parthian, Sasani, Byzantine, Arab and Russians have been applying GENOCIDE to Armenians throughout history, under what conditions, under what geography they have carefully are you investigating?


      In the 4th century, where many people lived in Anatolia, the Greeks were dominant. Why don't you ever wonder why the bans imposed on the Armenian Language and Religion were killed in masses in order to eliminate the Armenian nation completely, and that the rest were taken out of the region where they were still in masses?


      How many thousands of Armenians were killed in the attacks of King PARASMAN of Iberia? How the Roman Commander CORBULO slaughtered the Armenians, who captured Arsag, who shook their eyes with the angry fire, how many pieces THESDOSIUS, IUSTIANOS, MAURCIUS, divided the Armenians into, how many times they divided them into GENOCIDE. Want to remember?


      What do you say if you're not going to say THAT YOU're NOT GOING TO SAY GENOCIDE about what MAURCIUS did when you took the Armenians to Cyprus and Greece? I wonder if CONSTANT invited the Armenians to the wedding. Did WEUS bring the Armenians to Thrace with drum-clarion? 


      What do you know about what the Arabs did, what it is to live with Yazid on behalf of the Armenians? Do you have any idea how Armenians were obliged to take refuge in KILIKYA and other Anatolian cities and towns for the first time?


      From ANI, the Armenians who were forced to go to FRANCE, what suffering did they go to in the Xth century?


      Armenian historian MATEOS; "The Duke of Rome, the Byzantine emperor marched with a large army to Armenia. He was thrown at the Christians, slaughtered them and enslaved them. He brought death everywhere like a poisonous snake, and thus replaced the irreligious nations." "With this effort, the Byzantines removed all the Armenian princes and their commanders from the EAST and forced them to reside in their homeland," he says.


      This is how World History conveys the experiences of Armenians to the present day. The historical geography is that no nation is ancient and anti-ancient, Armenians, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Their existence in all cities of the Balkans, Thrace, Anatolia and Anatolia has occurred as a result of the events mentioned above. For this reason, the Armenians could not have an ancient land.


      The U.S. House of Representatives recognized the events of 1915 as "THE SO-CALLED ARMENIAN GENOCIDE" and H. Res. 296 was taken as a result of ignorance and lack of conscience.


      Mr. Senator;


      By rejecting this biased decision, which the House of Representatives has accepted without justification, please do not be a partner in this unscrupulousness...


      I regret to express that I would like to draw your attention to the events you are still in keeping alive in the MIDDLE EAST, your cooperation with the TERRORISTS, especially in the time period when the world defines you as an imperialist.


      Using historical sources, the largest, bloodiest and largest GENOCIDE of the MASSACRES i have presented to your information above has been made by the CHRISTIAN world, the ROMAN empire and its affiliates. Despite these facts, POPE Francisco is the 100th president of the 1915 events. "In the last century, humanity has experienced three great tragedies. The first of these was the 20th century in general. what is seen as the first genocide of the 20th century and was done against you Armenian people. Bishops, priests, religious people, women, men, the elderly and even vulnerable children and patients have been killed."


      "Today, with hearts torn from pain but full of hope, we commemorate the centenary of this tragic event, the mass and insane slaughter of your ancestors." "Remembering is necessary, even imperative." "Because hiding or denying evil is like leaving a wound bleeding without treating it."


      To the religious man who uses these statements and who LİES unconsciously (!) to his associates; How can he say don't lie? How can he show you the right way? All the GENOCIDES I mentioned above can be explained by what intelligence you do not know that their ancestors did not know? But I do not keep the fact that he is putting the biggest, most despicable of all the intres ids on the Turkish Nation. PAPA FRANCISCO has been able to use the Christian world to supposedly ignoring his own past, he ignores, deceives and lies in his mind by hiding the actions of Western and Eastern Rome throughout history, the HISTORY of THE PEOPLE and bloody…


      Mr. Senator,


      Do you know that the ottoman empire's population of 18,000,000 in 1914 fell from 14,000,000 in 1918? Your ancestors, to put it briefly, in Latin America, South East Asia and the Middle East. They never told you about your GENOCIDES? Know that at no time in the history of THE TURKISH EMPIRE has ever implemented ANY OF THE GENOCIDES like you.


      As for the Armenians and you, the alleged GENOCIDE of the SO-CALLED ARMENIAN GENOCIDE; After the First World War; In 1922, The Society-i Akvam said that the number of Living (LIVING) Armenians in the world (4,003,000), that (817,873) were Armenians from Turkey, and (95,000) women and children lived in Turkey by choosing Islam, as well as Turkey/ In Istanbul (148,997), he says that the person in Anatolia (131,175) is alive as ARMENIAN. If you know a little bit of mathematics, if you remove the 1,194,000 Armenians from the 1914 Ottoman population (1,290,000) and the total number of Armenians in different places, you will already know that 90,000 Armenians died in different places. In evaluating these figures, you see that (8,000) Armenians were killed by thugs and (37,000) Armenians died of the disease. Of course, if you have the eye to see!


      While the Decision of the House of Representatives is "slander," while you members of the Senate, if you are going to approve the S. Res. 150 resolution, wouldn't it be "stupidity" for you?


      In your faith; "But when it comes to cowardly, unbeliever, disgusting, man-killing, sexually immoral, sorcerer, pagan, and all the LIARS, their place is a lake of sulfur-burning fire. This is the second death." Doesn't he say (Rev, 21:8)?


      I invite the members of the Us Senate to prove your claims by traveling together in every inch of Anatolia, the Pope who deceives your Armenian friends who lie to you and all humanity.


      And I'd like to ask, "What's the point?" Who remembers who killed the JAPANESE in Hiroshima and Nagazaki? Who will remember who killed those killed in IRAQ and SYRIA today?


      I wish your life to be full of health and happiness by making decisions that you will be remembered as a political figure who is not detached from reality for your family, your children, your nation and the world.



Kenan Mutlu Gurses



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